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SHS Masters/PhDs: Performing a Scoping Search to help validate and finalise your proposed question for your dissertation/research paper

Whilst this session is available as a pre-recorded video, via the Doing Postgraduate Research guide, joining this workshop will give you the opportunity to view live demonstrations and ask questions directly to your presenter, Steve.

A Scoping Search is necessary to:

a) (If you are planning to perform a systematic review) check a review hasn't already been proposed or published covering your question

b) check the depth of research available on your question, which may make it necessary to narrow or broaden your question

This workshop will provide demonstrations of some of the key resources available to perform a scoping search.


Wednesday 3 March 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
Online Workshop
Event organiser:
Steve O'Driscoll
  Health Sciences  

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